Vacuum Circuit Breaker type VEP, brand HUATECH

  • VEP is the first completed series of medium voltage
    embedded pole vacuum circuit breakers in the world
    which covers rated voltages from 7.2 kV up to 40.5 kV,
    rated current from 630 A to 4000 A and rated short
    circuit breaking currents up to 50 kA
  • VEP series MV embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker
    is fully type tested in accordance with the IEC standard
  • The low temperature rise of the VEP series is ensured by
    the most advanced interrupter with extremely low
    resistance and high breaking capability
  • Technical characteristic:
    – Rated voltage : 12kV/24kV/40.5kV
    – Rated current : 630/1250/1600/2000/2500/3150/4000 A
    (40.5kV max.only 3150 A)
    – Rated Isc max: 50/40/31.5 kA