Vacuum Contactor type VEC, brand HUATECH

  • VEC vacuum contactor with the rated voltage of 3.6-12 kV
    is the indoor switchgear in the 3-phase AC distribution system
  • VEC has passed completed type tests and fully satisfies
    the requirements of IEC, DIN VDE and other standard of
    other advanced industrialized countries
  • VEC is mainly used to control and protect the high-voltage
    motor, transformer and capacitor bank where the frequent
    starting is required
  • VEC products with such features as reasonable structure,
    small volume, light, long mechanical and electrical life,
    high reliability, low chopping current, are the vacuum contactor
    with high performance and free maintenance
  • Technical Parameters:
    – Rated voltage : 3.6/7.2 kV, 12 kV
    – Rated current : 400 A
    – Rated short-time withstand current (4sec) ; 4 kA