Ring Main Unit type 8DJH, brand Siemens

  • 8DJH switchgear is factory assembled, type tested,
    3 pole metal – enclosed single – busbar switchgear
    for indoor installation acc.to IEC 62271-200
  • Up to 17.5 kV, 25 kA or 24 kV, 20 kA
  • Busbar 630 A, feeders up to 630 A
  • Gas-insulated, sealed for life
  • Flexible due to extension option and
    block formation
  • Individual panels and block versions


Metal-clad Switchgear type AMS, brand GELPAG

  • AMS is a fully metal-clad, air insulated, arc-proof and compact switchgear
  • AMS is designed for full rating of medium voltage switchgear, rated voltage ranged from 7.2 kV up to 40.5 kV
  • The mechanical strength and anti-corrosion properties of the structural frame of AMS are ensured by ALUZINC sheet metal with double bending and riveting fixing technology
  • AMS series metal-clad switchgear are fully type tested in compliance with IEC 62271:200, IEC60694
  • Main technical characteristic
    – Rated Voltage : 12kV/24kV/40.5kV
    – Rated current max : 4000 A for 12/24 kV, 3150 A for 40.5kV
    – Rated short circuit current : 50 kA/40 kA/31.5 kA at 3 sec
    – Internal arc fault : AFLR